One of our most commonly asked questions is “how much hair do I need to buy for a full weave.” There are a couple of things you should know about our virgin Indian hair. The quantity of each pack of hair is measured by the weight, our packs are 100 grams each. Virgin Indian hair also has natural variation at the ends, which may cause the bundle of hair to look thinned out at the ends. Most customers prefer this because it makes the hair look more natural and pure.


Now for our recommendations. 2 bundles are recommended if choosing a length 18 inches or less. For lengths longer than 18 inches we may recommend a third pack for fullness. The longer the length of hair, the shorter the width of the track end to end, this means you will need more hair for more coverage for more volume and fullness. If in doubt, always get a third bundle for safe measure, it’s better to have a little extra rather than not enough during your hair appointment. Whatever you don’t use you can save for your next install or a touch up down the road. Please keep in mind that our curly hair is naturally much more thicker than straight or wavy hair. This means you may not need as much hair for a full look.


The amount of hair you need also depends on personal preference and your budget if you have one. There is a very small percentage of customers that feel they need a 3rd pack at any length because they simply like their hair very, very full. Also, since the hair is considered to be an investment, this may also be a factor in your decision. Please reference the chart below for more information.


How Much Hair Do I Need?

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If choosing a length of 18 inches or less, 2 bundles are recommended. For lengths longer than 18 inches we recommend a third pack to insure fullness. The longer the length of hair, the shorter the width of the track from end to end.This means to achieve more volume you will need more hair when purchasing longer lengths.

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