True Curly

This glamorous cascade of natural curls and soft ringlets maintains its bounce all day long or can be straightened with a simple flat-iron.




This glamorous cascade of natural curls and soft ringlets maintains its bounce all day long or can be straightened with a simple flat-iron


CHEMICAL FREE: Our hair has always been well cared for using only safe and nurturing all-natural herbal oils. We never treat our virgin hair with any kind of chemical processing or potentially harmful substances.

CUTICLE INTACT: Every cuticle is fully intact and runs from the root down to the very tip of the hair. This is what gives our hair that incredibly soft texture, tangle-free manageability, and luxurious sheen..

LONGEVITY: This high-quality hair should last at least one full year, as long as it is being properly maintained. It will still have its healthy appearance and texture after countless shampoos, styles, and reinstalls.


MACHINE WEFTED: Our wefts are superior and can withstand multiple installs, because we use reinforced machine wefts. This advanced technology results in significantly less shedding and increased longevity.

COLORS: Most of the Indian virgin hair is either a black or an off-black color. It would be considered a 1B or 2 on a standard color chart. You can bleach or dye our hair with impressive results because of its truly virgin quality.

ABOUT VIRGIN HAIR: Our hair is chemically free, unprocessed, and completely natural virgin hair. Our hair may appear dry when you first take it out of the package, since this is real Indian hair that has only been washed and never treated. You will need regular shampooing and conditioning to help it realize its full potential. It is also recommended that you use a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. This will bring out more shine and vitality to the hair, so you can experience its full brilliance. This virgin Indian hair will improve and adapt the more it is styled and trained.

How to Care Pre-Installation   Your satisfaction is our guarantee at Keshini Hair, which is why we always recommend that you wash the extension hair prior to installation. Every single strand of hair has the cuticle intact. Therefore, it is so important that it is properly washed.  

1. Wash the hair using warm water. It will make it much easier if you keep the plastic security band on the weft while you are washing it to prevent tangling.

2. Use your fingers to run the water through the hair

3. Lay the hair out to dry naturally.  Once it is dry, the hair should be silky and smooth with a natural texture. If there are any issues with the hair, you will be able to notice them after it is clean and dry. If there is a problem for any reason, please contact us right away.   If we don’t hear of any problems with the hair during the first two weeks, we will assume that the hair meets your expectations. If a problem does occur after two weeks, the problem would not be a result of the hair or craftsmanship. Even if it is not an issue with the quality of the hair, we will still try to help you resolve the problem.

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